The History of Lodge's Skillet and Egg Logo


In 1973 Lodge created its first official logo. At the time no one imagined the simple black skillet frying a single egg would become an iconic symbol of American-made cast iron cookware. While the logo has been embellished and updated since then, that same skillet icon is still being used to represent the Lodge brand around the world.

The first mention of the Lodge logo appears in a letter written by CEO Dick Kellermann in 1973 about a meeting he had with Bob Kellermann.

The Bob in that letter is Bob Kellermann, Lodge's current CEO Emeritus. He says developing a logo for the brand had been a long-term goal. "I always wanted to have a brand identity, and before 1973 we didn't have one," he says. "Our brand was not on our products. When Scott came up with the idea for the logo, he showed me some designs, and I told him he was right on target. We've been building on it ever since." 

In later years different phrases were added to the logo and the colours were rearranged several times, but the black, white and yellow colour pallet has remained consistent, just like the skillet.

It of course raises the question; how good is the classic Lodge Cast Iron skillet at cooking your eggs for breakfast? No problem!