In 1863, a young 15 year old from Pennsylvania left home in search of work and ended up training as a machinist.

This young man man was Joseph Lodge; and after years of hard work, his grit and determination set him on the path for bigger dreams in Tennessee.

Those dreams surfaced for Joseph in the potential of an abandoned railroad foundry. He brought it back to life as the Blacklock Foundry in 1896, focusing on cast iron manufacturing, including cast iron cookware. After several years, in a devastating turn of events, the foundry was destroyed in a fire. But Joseph didn't lose hope. Mere months later, Blacklock was reborn right down the road as his new and last endeavour: Lodge Cast Iron.

This new gourmet range blends heritage with advancements in cast iron technology, and has extra love and care poured into each piece. Blacklock seasoned cast iron is truly special.

It is a premium product that is factory triple seasoned, more lightweight than standard Lodge Cast Iron, and durable enough to be used on any cooking surface, wherever.

Your piece of Blacklock cast iron arrives ready to use and set to become the go-to kitchen essential that will become a treasured heirloom passed down in your family for years to come.

Triple seasoned for a natural non-stick finish:

  • Blacklock, like all Lodge cast iron, has natural cooking oil baked onto the surface.
  • This forms a protective layer for an easy-release finish. The difference? Blacklock is seasoned three times, making the surface naturally non-stick.
  • The more you cook with your cast iron, the better the seasoning.

Lightweight design for easy lift:

  • At least 25% lighter compared to standard Lodge Cast Iron for handling with ease
  • Blacklock's thin cast iron design quickly reaches ideal temperatures.

Durable craftsmanship so you can cook anything, anywhere:

  • Handles are ergonomically designed for ease of use. They also stay cooler for longer (although still take precautions to protect your hands).
  • Safe to use on any heat source or cooking surface, whether indoors or outdoors.


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Cast Iron BLACKLOCK Skillet 37cm
Cast Iron BLACKLOCK Skillet 30cm
Cast Iron BLACKLOCK Skillet 26cm
Cast Iron BLACKLOCK Skillet 18cm
Cast Iron BLACKLOCK Square Grill Pan 30cm
Cast Iron BLACKLOCK Dutch Oven 5.2L
Cast Iron BLACKLOCK Braiser with Lid 3.7L