USA Enamel Has Arrived!

Posted by Lodge Cast Iron on

Move over, ordinary Dutch ovens! We’re excited to introduce our USA Enamel collection. Crafted with love and precision in the USA, these Dutch ovens are about to become the star of your kitchen.

Inspired by mid-century Americana, our USA Enamel collection combines nostalgic charm with modern innovation. With a patriotic palette of red, white, and blue, these Dutch ovens are as American as apple pie.

What sets our USA Enamel collection apart is the meticulous four-day crafting process. Details like hand-applied black enamel strips and sleek stainless-steel accents ensure top-notch performance and durability.

These Dutch ovens aren’t just pretty—they’re workhorses. Whether you’re roasting, simmering, baking, or frying, our USA Enamel Dutch ovens handle it all with ease and look stunning on your dining table too.

View the full range here.